Gaugers Little Bullies
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Welcome to Gaugers Little Bullies website!
We live on the family farm in Easton Kansas and been in business for over 24 years.
Owners of
G&G Auction  where we sell Antiques, Farm Equipment, House hold items
and every thing else under the sun, And in our spare time We love raising puppies!

Thank you for your interest in our dogs.
Sincerely, Ed & Helen Gauger
and Laura Helton
Cell 913-370-0358 or 913-370-0706
Now You can get your dog color coat testing it is
easy and fast at Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
University of California, Davis
Welcome Home Gift to Daddy Coming Home
From The Army.
He was seeing her off on her 1st day of
School ( 2nd Grade)
They are getting so big, Thanks again Ed
for Hanky!!
A big thank you to Dr. Shawn McCoole and Dr. Christine McCoole
owners of
Cedar Ridge Veterinary Clinic at 12047 US Highway 73
Atchison, KS 66002 (Phone Number 1-913-367-3600)
for buying a blue female puppy from us to give to there daughter
They do a wonderful job taking care of everyone animals
Cedar Ridge Veterinary Clinic, LLC
Atchison, KS
Here is some more of our farm Animals
Follow us!
A note from Gauger's Little Bullies,
Thank you for the Christmas cards
Ed & Helen Gauger
Here is Jill Brown precious baby Hugo
seeing alot of these puppies on hallmark cards very soon.
Thanks Jill for the pictures we love them!