Pet Only Contract
Dog’s Name:_________________________________________________

Date Whelped:________________________________________________

AKC Registration Number:______________________________________

Microchip Number:____________________________________________






The Following terms constitute a sales contract between Ed Gauger Owner of Gaugers Little Bulldogs, (hereafter
referred to as the seller),and__________________________________
(hereafter referred to as the buyer) regarding the Dog or puppy described above. These terms and conditions are
enter into and agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller they acknowledge the moral and legal worth of this

Therefore, it is agreed upon that:

1. This dog is sold for the price of $________________, payable upon delivery of the dog, or in accordance with the
terms agreed upon here. Shipping and crate charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

2. This dog is a purebred. It is eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club, and the AKC certificate
accompanies the dog. The buyer agrees to use the Gaugers Little Bulldogs prefix in the naming of the dog.

3. This dog is sold first and foremost as a beloved pet and family member and is not to be in a kennel situation. The dog
is to live with its family in the buyers living quarters.

4. The buyer is excepted to keep the vaccinations,wormings,heartworm checks, and regular examinations by a
veterinarian up to date. The dog must always be kept in a sanitary environment .

5. It is understood at the time of this sale the puppy is not guaranteed for show or breeding quality. No size guarantee of
this puppy. The seller agrees to take back this Puppy for any reason, for the life of the dog, without refund.


This dog is sold with a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian who examined the dog. To the sellers knowledge,
this dog is believed to be free of contagious disease and has been delivered to the buyer with inoculations and
wormings appropriate for its age. At the option and expense of the buyer, the dog will be taken to their choice of
veterinarian for a health exam within 72 hours of their possession of the dog. If a problem is discovered, the buyer must
seek a second opinion. If the veterinarians both concur and certify through written documentation that the dog is not
physically healthy, then the buyer has the privilege of returning the dog to the seller for a refund within that time period.
Any shipping charges and vet bills are the responsibility of the buyer.

Any particulars regarding the physical aspects of this dog are noted here:


This dog or Puppy is sold as:__________________________________________________________________

1. In case of a companion only puppy, it is clearly understood that this dog is not being sold for breeding purposes.
Limited registration will be used in the case of companion only dogs or puppies.  All companion puppies or dogs must
be spayed or neutered by 3 months of sale, and proof of alteration sent to the seller.

2. In case of show potential puppy or dog, it is the buyers responsibility to see that the dog is properly trained,
socialized, conditioned, and handled to compete in shows for its Championship title. The seller
cannot guarantee that the dog will complete its requirements for its Championship title.

It is stipulated by and between the buyer and the seller that failing to comply with conditions and terms of the contract
will result in the dog being returned to the seller due to lack of compliance and the buyer shall forfeit all monies paid and
shall sign over the registration papers immediately to seller.

This contract applies to the original puppy or dog and is not transferable to a second party. Buyer agrees that he/she
understands this contract fully, and that this contract is under jurisdiction of the State of Kansas, in the County of
Leavenworth. It is agreed the place of venue shall be in Leavenworth County, Kansas.

No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract, except as stated therein. This
contract is legal and binding. This 3 page agreement is signed and dated in duplicate.

Buyer:_______________________________________________________________ Date:__________


Shots given will be attached to contract

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