We will be needing background cast for the following scenes on the following dates:
January 13th : Search Party
That is where my German Shepherd  King got his big break, King was in the search party where they was filming the movie
Fetch by my daughters
house down the road at Robert Culbertson, here is some of the pictures I took of some of the stars and crew plus some of
the search party. All the Actors and crew was very nice to us we wish them the best of luck and can not wait to watch the
Just click on the link below for more info on the movie

The women in the orange jacket was
one of the movie stars
My German Shepherd King with one
of the cast members
King getting ready to eat
In the back of the box truck where they
kept some of there equipment
The sheriff one of the cast members
These Two people was part of the
search party
My daughter Laura and William getting
ready to be part of the search party
Crew members going over there notes
for the movie.
There is the Sheriff car that was used
in the movie.
My daughter Laura and her husband
Donald warming up after several hours
of being in the search party.
Robert Culbertson big rock by his
Cast Member greeting King after
search party was over she told me she
liked my dog and Thanked me for
bringing him to be A part of the movie.
Yes my daughter talked me and
William  in to being in the search party.
After several hours being out in the
cold searching  and freezing my you
know what off I finally get to go inside
and warm up I belive this will be my first
and last movie I am in.
The  Director walked in and asked if
there was anyone willing to stay untill
1;00 p.m they was going to film some
more King was ready to stay but I was
to tired and just wanted to go home
and drink a good cup of coffee there is
a lot of hard work going into making A
movie I do not know how the cast and
crew does it and make it look so easy.
Hi, here is some pictures I took at Robert Culbertson place you said to email them to you before i put them on my web site, is it OK
to use them on my web site at gngauction.com ?  
What was the other web site that tells about the movie Fetch.
Thank you for letting us be in the search party my daughter Laura was real happy she lives by Robert Culbertson at the
corner,and thank you for letting my dog king being in the movie to.
Auctioneer, Ed Gauger

Those are dandy to post!!
Hope you had fun and thank you very much for participating!!

Theodore E. LoScalzo
DrippingDead Films LLC
AKC German Shepherd Sir King Gauger
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King made it big time in the movie
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puppies i promised the lady i bought him from i would keep his bloodline going and only breed him to the very best of the
best so far i think i did a good job i know she is looking down from heaven smiling looking at all of kings puppies.
That's my King
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