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If you bought a puppy from us . We love to here from you and see some update pictures of the puppy.
You can send all update to
ed@gaugerslittlebullies.com and we will post them on this page.
We will send one of all girls in front of the tree but here
is our oldest with Andy. Girls named him Wilbur and he
has been THE PERFECT puppy so far. Spending almost
every moment cuddled up with one of the girls. Thank
you for giving them an amazing friend
Update on Roscoe he is loving his new family!!! Mom is out numbered by all boys.
From, Pam Burnett Moore
From, Jessica Collins
From,  Justin Chambers
From, Tamara Wardlow Pike
From, Dawn Magill
From,  Erica Driskell
From,  Marvin Ramirez
Smokey Son of your stud Theodore
From, JoLyn Maly
From, Heather Schmitt
From, Rachel Fischer
Merry Christmas from Louie!
From, Allison Carnes
From, Connie Marsh
From, Melody Brown Lopez
Merry Christmas from our Gabby girl. We love her
so much and at some point will be getting another
one from you!
From, Kay Wynne
Hi Ed!
Mia and Dexter are both doing great! They are absolutely best
friends and love each other's company! Dexter will be 5 months
on September 10th and he already weighs about 20 lbs and is all
lean muscle! He's going to be a big boy for sure! He is such a
smart pup and takes to training very well compared to other
frenchies I've had in the past.. And he is such a sweetheart! He
loves to snuggle and give kisses. Thank you guys so much for
such wonderful dogs they bring so much joy in our lives and
there is no other place we will ever go to get our pups!

Macy Perez  
First picture is Hanky with his "momma", 2nd picture is Hanky in the
car going to the Vet to say he is healthy and 24.8lbs, 3rd  picture is
Rylee and Hanky, aka BFFs, sleeping last weekend. Just wanted to
update you on this absolutely beautiful loving puppy!!!!!!!!!!!
you can tell Eric and Jessica is
taking real good of Bella she looks
so sweet in her little pink sweater
She is typically very quiet and calm unless she wants Lola (English) to play. Then she jumps
around and makes the cutest bark.
Bella definitely has a mind of her own. She likes to observe what's happening from afar. Her
weight has maintained at 15lbs.

I saw tiny on your website and want her so bad. She is a doll!!!!! However two is our limit. :(

Thanks for all the information and for checking in!

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J Hartkopf  
Hi Ed,
and he has been doing well. He is very energetic and jumps &
runs all over the place lol Everywhere I take him I have to take
an an extra 20 mins because everyone wants to stop and pet I
changed Hunter's name to Sebastian when he arrived last year
him. Just recently I bought him a playmate, a female frenchie
named Roxy and the two are inseparable. I was thinking of
breeding them but have decided againts it because of the time &
work involved and because I lack the experience in breeding
frenchies, I wouldn't want to take a chance in something
happening to my female. I've included some pictures of
Sebastian, take care and god bless.

Adrian Rosario
Here is Frankie New MOM
From: Fort Leavenworth, KS
Thank You
Hank and Rylee

He was seeing her off on her 1st
day of School ( 2nd Grade)
They are getting so big, Thanks
again Ed for Hanky!!
From, Monument, CO
Woodmoor Veterinary Hospital & Pet Lodge
Thank You
Kirsten and Daran
for buying two of our French Bulldog Puppies have a safe trip back to Colorado
Wanted to give you guys an update on banksy. He's doing well and he has his own Instagram page
now. We love him to death and he loves alaska as much as we do. Here's a couple pics and a link
to his Instagram page.


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Hi Ed!
Sorry I have not given you an update in awhile. Zozo is a spoiled brat,
she attends daycare 1-2 times a week and absolutely loves it. I put her in
daycare so she has a chance to play with other dogs that match her
energy. She goes nuts when we pull in the parking lot, cause it's pretty
much her favorite place in the world. When I leave the house she usually
goes with me, she best friends with my moms chihuahua, so I often take
her there when I am away from the house, so she's not alone. So she's
just a little spoiled. lol She pretty much has a fan club, people come to
the house just to play with her. She is still pretty aggressive during
feeding time and I've tried everything to deter her from that, but even the
trainers from daycare couldn't break that, so I just live with it. Other then
that, she is my best friend, and couldn't imagine my life without her.
Thanks again for such a great dog. Hope all is well with you guys, and
Happy New Year!

P.S I attached some Zoe pictures, and a video.
Kyrstan Perry
Zorro �� updated pics!
Thank you for sharing!
Ed, we renamed KK to Kaci & she's loved by everyone who gets the opportunity to meet her. The second pic
was our Christmas Greeting to our family & friends. Dan & I got married December 23rd and Kaci was our ring
bearer. She stole the show when she decided it was time for tummy rubs during our vows. She's doing amazing
and is a spoiled princess. Susi
Here is Pippa new family
From, New York
Thank You
Bath time for little Chloe and soca
Here is some pictures of all of Frenchie
I got from you. They all are doing great.
I love all of them.
Northrock Hospital for Animals
Chanel was happy she brought her ball ��
with her boarding! She had a great time playing
with Heather!
Happy Birthday �� ��������
Kelsey Emma‎
to Gaugers Little Bullies
April 26 at 8:11 AM

Boomer, renamed Bowser, turned one today!
Couldn't be happier with this little guy. Thank you!
Here is a better picture of CoCo they sent me
to share. Her new mom and dad just loves her.
#rarefrenchie #chocolatefrenchbulldog
#newyork #newyorkcity
Jun 28, 2019

What a wonderful and precious dog Sonny is. He always
makes us smile. I don't know that I have seen a dog with
such perfect confirmation. He seems to realize this. He is
truly our little prince. Everyone who sees him says he looks
so regal. What a beauty he is!

So very, very pleased with your little bullies!