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Ed Gauger
24826 Logan Rd
Easton, KS 66020
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Beautiful puppy
I adopted the most beautiful and sound German
Shepherd from Ed. I have bred and shown Shepherd's
for years. I would highly recommend and would buy from
him again. Thank you, Shawna

Reviewer: shawna, June 11, 2015

Great Guy
We drove from Louisville,Ky to pick up our puppy from
Ed we had searched for a couple of months before we
found the right puppy and person to buy from and we
are so glad we found Ed very nice guy to talk to and our
puppy is everything we could have asked for she is very
healthy we have taken her to our vet twice now and her
puppy report card was A+ both times if you are looking
for a puppy I would talk to Ed. thanks ED

Reviewer: Joseph, June 26, 2014

Excellent Breeder - I brought my puppy from them
I just wanted to say what an excellent breeder
gaugerslittlebullies are. I brought a puppy from him and
now my little dog is 1 years old on June 20th 2012. This
dog up for sale is my bulldog's father. I've got plenty of
comments from everyone in my neighborhood about
how beautiful my dog Sammy is. feel free to contact me
if you need references.Donna Eng

Reviewer: Donna, June 21, 2012

Love My Puppy
I just purchased my little blue french bulldog puppy from
Ed and Helen. I asked Ed several questions and he
answered everything I wanted to know and in result I
have a beautiful healthy little boy. They are very good
breeders. A ++++++ Rick Mchaley

Reviewer: rick, June 20, 2012
Here is Jill Brown precious baby Hugo
The big day has arrived for Red Girl and Lexi to find there forever new home with Connie and John Harrington from Bonner
Springs, KS. Super nice people loves there pets like they do there children. We would like to thank there daughter Dee Dee
for helping her mom and dad find there new best friends for life. Dee Dee owns the flower shop in Bonner Springs and her
parents own the funeral home. If you are ever in Bonner Springs, KS stop by the flower shop and check out all her beautiful
Hank and Rylee

He was seeing her off on her 1st day of School ( 2nd Grade)
They are getting so big, Thanks again Ed for Hanky!!
From, Monument, CO
Woodmoor Veterinary Hospital & Pet Lodge

Thank You
Thank You
Kirsten and Daran
for buying two of our
French Bulldog Puppies
have a safe trip back to
Here is some satisfied customers that bought puppies from us!
Just look at them and you will see how happy We made them.
Sold Happy To Nicole
Hi Ed!! Hope you're doing great! Just wanted to give you a quick update on little Ralphie! He's doing GREAT! He had a vet checkup yesterday and the vet said his skin is
perfect, he's in perfect condition and very healthy! The vet said she "wouldn't change one thing about him and he's put together very well". He's such a happy puppy
everyone who meets him loves him! He can "sit" and "shake", but we're still working on the potty training part haha. When we go to the dog park he likes to play with the
big large breed dogs and thinks he is their size. It's so funny how fearless he is, and so sociable. He wants to play with everyone!
Attached are some recent pictures for you. I'm still referring everyone who asks about him to your website! He gets A LOT of attention when I take him out so I've been
recommending you often! I hope his litter mates are doing as well as he is! And I hope you're doing great also!

Talk soon! Have a good weekend!

Brittney Schram
Sold to James & Tamara
From, Leavenworth, KS
Thank You
Hey Ed!

I wanted to share an update on our Frenchie Boogie Jean who is now 2 years and 2 months old. I got him December 4, 2015 and he's
stolen my heart since! He's doing amazing and is extremely intelligent! He gets along well with other animals and people. He has a very
energetic personality!

Boogie is loving and loves attention. This little guy loves to travel since I got him he has enjoyed the beach and water sports. Never a dull
moment with Boogie!  He's been an amazing addition to our family and thank you all so much for him he's an amazing dog! Have a
wonderful holiday season!

Love, Cody, Jenna, Cole, & Boogie Dray
On Friday, December 16, 2016 7:36 PM, mikeschmoldt59
mikeschmoldt59@gmail.com wrote:

Here are a couple of pictures of us with buckwheat aka baby butt lol
Spent the bulk of his time in my lap, in my bed, or in the room with me.
He is doing well with the dogs in here, not a bit shy, yet not aggressive or annoying to them. He is
very the dogs (and the colors, which i may never figure out).

I will keep in touch, send pictures later.

Jan Wilcutt
Thank you  Jania for buying your second puppy from us and for
serving our country we applicate it.
Dr. Jennifer Bruner
Owner  of the Lansing Veterinary Hospital
109 Ida St
Lansing, KS 66043
Phone: (913) 727-1116
Dr. Shawn McCoole and Dr. Christine McCoole
owners of
Cedar Ridge Veterinary Clinic
Atchison, KS 66002 (Phone Number 1-913-367-3600)
He was seeing her off on her 1st day of
School ( 2nd Grade)
They are getting so big, Thanks again Ed
for Hanky!!