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My Daughter Laura and my Grandson Donald
Welcome To Gaugers Little Bullies Web Site
Here is some of Gaugers Little bullies French Bulldog Stud Dogs!
If you need French Bulldog Stud for your female check them out.
If you see one you like give us a call at (913) 370-0358
Theodore Gauger
Hugo Gauger
Scottie Scooter Gauger
Magic Merle Gauger
Papa Smurf Gauger
Milo Gauger
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This is our 29 years in business
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Gaugers Little Bullies
If you are wanting cooled (shipped) semen, We would like to know as soon as your Female comes in heat. Please write down on a
calender the first day your female came in heat.  I always have shipping vials and extender on hand for a RUSH SHIPMENT. Semen
can be shipped overnight by "Federal Express". I can have it shipped to your house or to your vet's office. This can be done the very
next day in most areas by Noon. This is one of the safest way to have semen shipped to you. Fed-Ex is not open for Sunday so We
do not ship on Saturday or Sundays. We need to know if this service will be needed, this is so We can get all the timing right for
getting the semen shipped to you ASAP!
Call 913-370-0358
Adult dogs bill of sale Pet Only
I love my Gaugers Little Bullies
bill of sale Adult dog with no Euthanize
Here is some of our puppies we sold to our customer's.
Lilly New Family
Thank you Doug for
Adopting Lilly
Check out some of our cute puppy videos on TikTok
You will enjoy watching them.