Dede get plenty of love by one of the vet tech at the Atchison Animal Clinic
We Love Her!
❤Big Thank You ❤
To The Atchison Animal Clinic For taking real
good care of our beautiful Dog. They have a lot of
experience and lots of new equipment and they
are getting ready to move into their brand new
building. Atchison Animal Clinic They have 5
Veterinary to help you out. You can call them
about our dogs and us for reference and ask for
Dr. Chris Hansen He know our dogs and us very
well.  Dr. Chris Hansen is the owner of the
Atchison Animal Clinic Phone:
(913) 367-0427
908 Commercial Street
Atchison,KS 66002
Dr. Chris Hansen
Veterinarian - Clinic Owner
Dr. Chris Hansen has been a veterinarian at the
Atchison Animal Clinic since June 2011. He grew up
the youngest of three boys on his family's farm in
Belleville, KS.  He completed his primary and
secondary education in Belleville, and was active in
4-H, FFA, and school sports.  After graduating from
Belleville High School in 2002, Dr. Hansen attended
Kansas State University and graduated with a B.S.
in Animal Science and Industry in 2006 and his
Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2011. In 2017
Dr. Hansen purchased Atchison Animal Clinic. In
his spare time Dr. Hansen enjoys camping, fishing,
and spending time with his wife Dr. Emily Hansen
and their 3 children, Olivia, Leah, and Connor.  His
professional interests are food animal production
medicine and small animal surgery
Types of Animals Seen
Because a large number of veterinarians practice at Atchison Animal Clinic, we can care for many types of animals:
Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Pocket Pets, Birds, Cattle, Horses, Sheep and Goats, Llamas and Alpacas, and Pigs.
Here is our veterinarians all 5 of them.
Here's Honey Boo Boo in Colorado enjoying the nice scenery!
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Thank you Tifanie Eggers for Sophie Halloween pictures!!
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