Gauger's Little Bullies
Dog Bill of Sale ( Pet Only )

______________________________________                                                        Ed Gauger
Purchaser                                                                                                                    Seller
24826 Logan Rd Easton, KS 66020
Address                                                                                                                        Address
City____________________State_______________zip code__________                                                        

Telephone                                                                                                                    Telephone

The following dog, on this ___________ day of ________________, 20_____ has been sold to the person or persons listed above as purchaser
and is free of any liens or encumbrances as a result of stud fee, veterinary fees, etc. Except as stated below in Additional Terms.

Dog Name____________________________________________________________________

Breed_______________________________________ Whelped Date___________________________ Sex___________________

Color______________________________ Markings_________________________________________________

Sale Priced $___________________, plus Sales Tax__________8.5%  Amount Due__________________________

Deposit on Dog $______________ Deposits are NOT refundable. If you change your mind, decide that you do not want the Dog, or find out that
you cannot have a Dog, you will forfeit your deposit.

Additional Terms:
This Adult dogs is being sold as a Pet Only! Not to be breed and must be spaded or neutered within Six months and send a copy of the spay
or neutered by the vet to seller and if buyer does Not then seller has the right to get dog back with no refund of money. Buyer is responsible
for all bills that may occur with this sell.  No additional compensation is offered for temperament issues, you are buying an adult dog and
agreeing that you know how to properly manage dog behavior and have properly educated yourself on how to properly integrate a new dog
into your home.
The purchaser agrees to never euthanasia this dog  without permission from the seller. The purchaser agrees to never sell
or give this dog to any pet shop, pet farm, puppy mill or similar institution. The seller retains first right of refusal if this animal is to be sold or
placed. The seller agrees to take back this dog for any reason, for the life of the dog, without refund.
Sold as Pet Only with no guarantee.

Signed in duplicate

Purchaser, ______________________________________________  Date, _____________________________

Seller, __________________________________________________  Date, _____________________________

Gaugers Little Bullies
24826 Logan RD
Easton, KS 66020
1-370-0358 or 1-913-367-1886