French Bulldog
Red Rocket Gauger
New name Max
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If you have any questions feel free
to contact us at
1-913-370-0358 or 1-913-370-0358
Or Email me at
Stud Fee for semen is $1,000.00
(He is a puppies Maker He produces very large letters)

Meet Red Rocket! You talk about a gorgeous Red male here you
go. Red Rocket has the big bulldog head and short and stocky body that
everyone want in a French Bulldog. He was years in the making but now
he's here and you talk about a puppy maker he produces every large litters
and he's puppies sell very fast. We are only stud him out to qualified
females only so if your looking for the top of the line French Bulldogs give
me a call.  913-370-0358

Ed Gauger
Ed Gauger
Easton, Kansas
Laura Helton
Easton, Kansas
Kansas License Breeder
Red Rocket with his New Mom.
She resold him to Julian Diaz.  Red Rocket finally got his
forever home. Julian renamed him Max and took him to
work with him. Max love to go to work with Julian becaue
all the other workrs would show him lot of attention.
Update 06/26/2020
We is notified by Red Rocket / Max
new owner that he passed away unexpectedly.
Red Rocket / Max

Looking back at some pictures of Red Rocket when we had him.

(---------- Red Rocket/ Max  brother
Red Rocket
Red Rocket
Red Rocket
Red Rocket