We can ship fresh chilled semen straight to your veterinarian. Cost will include stud fee and appropriate
shipping costs. Semen shipped from us will be guaranteed to be alive and motile. If for some reason your
veterinarian does not approve of the semen quality, your female must not be inseminated with the semen
and you must contact us the same day of receipt of semen to inform us so we may arrange another
shipment or a refund. However, if your veterinarian inseminates your female with the semen, ALL
guarantees from us are void and there will be no refund. Conception after live motile semen delivery is the
sole responsibility of the female's owner and veterinarian.  Accurate timing of the female's cycle and proper
use of the semen is crucial for your success.

Information we need to know:
The first day of your female's heat,   Accurate timing of the female's cycle is crucial for success.  If using a
Veterinarian, they can tell you what day the semen will need to be inseminated.  We recommend
progesterone testing for higher success.  We need to know the day prior to insemination so it can be
shipped overnight for next day morning delivery.  Remember, there is no shipping on Sundays, but properly
extended semen should be viable by Monday morning's delivery.  Contact name, shipping address, and
phone of owner and whom the semen will be shipped to. A copy of your female's pedigree for our records
for filling out the breeder's information for registration. Stud fee payment is required in advance plus first
shipment Priority Next Day Air.  Payment of $275.00 for each shipment thereafter for same female.
During collection there will be a semen analysis to make sure the stud's semen is of sufficient quality to
produce puppies. The Veterinarian will add extender to enhance the longevity and the motility of the semen.
Please call as early as possible, so the semen can be sent out without delay. We will need to know before
1:00 pm if you need semen for the next morning. NOTE: Before shipping semen everything must be paid in
full to ensure no delay on shipment. All costs for collection and insemination done at the veterinarian's
office will be paid by the French bulldog female's owner.

Thanks, Ed Gauger
24826 Logan Rd
Easton, KS 66020

(913) 370-0358

We are offering artificial insemination
stud service on our awesome
French Bulldog studs. Here is
Theodore Gauger, He is a gorgeous
blue French bulldog stud and he is
AKC registered. Our stud Fee on
Theodore Gauger is $1000.00
Shipping is available for an extra
$275.00 plus $175.00 for the semen
extender kit, collection, evaluation
and extension.
Stud Service on Theodore Gauger
Stud Fee: $1000.00
Call (913) 370-0358
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We now offer stud service to our customers at our location.
Breeding your female with our studs is what we specialize in. We will walk you
through the entire process and do our best to make it a good experience.
If you are within driving distance from Easton Kansas We can AI your female dog
for you. Just give us a call ! (913) 370-0358