Happy customers
Gaugers Little Puppies
A big thank you to Brian McCallister and his daughter Jillian
for buying two of our French Bulldog Puppies.
brian@mccallisterlawfirm.com or 816.931.2229
Brian McCallister
Founder, President
Law Firm

Thank you  Brittany Schram  from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
for buying Ralphie and driving up here to pick Ralphie up and Thanks
for letting giving us use you for reference and tell everyone
in Texas we said hi from Gaugers Little Bullies
Ed and Helen Gauger
(913) 370-0358
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Hey Ed,

We wanted to send a one year update on Boogie! He is doing wonderful and is the
star of the show everywhere we go! He is now living in Louisiana and he loves it!
Boogie is house trained, uses a doggie door, and is a very intelligent dog. He also
loves children and is wonderful with our son! Thank you all so much he is a huge
part of our family and we couldn't imagine life without him. We wish you all a happy
holiday season!


Cody, Jenna, Cole, Grandma Coco, & Boogie Dray
Gracie in Florida
Thanks Ed for selling me the best French Bulldog
in the world . I am so attached  to my Gracie
She bring so much joy and love in my home
Aiyssa and Charlie Quay 772-528-1003
Here is Taj! Formerly known as Harley. He lives in RI with a happy family of two younger sisters
Addison and Claire (3 and 2) and a mommy and daddy. He is currently 4 years old!

Here is Sam
with his new Mom
Sold to Lori and Mike
From, Lansing, KS
Thank You
On Friday, December 16, 2016 7:36 PM, mikeschmoldt59
mikeschmoldt59@gmail.com wrote:

Here are a couple of pictures of us with buckwheat aka baby butt lol
Sold To Tom
From, Kansas City, MO
Thank You
Tom O’Brien
Express Office Furniture
1500 Atlantic Ave.
North Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: 816-474-4800
Fax: 816-474-4803
Hi Ed and Helen
I trust all is well with you guys and all the animals....I hope life "over the rainbow " is going well.
joy and love. Molly is such a loving little thing. Mia outweighs her by at least 5lbs now. They love everyone they
meet..and every dog too. They are quite the hit in our neighborhood. They can tell the time too...wanting to go out
and greet Wayne at the front gate when he gets home from work everyday.
The girls are now NY Jet fans...doomed to a life of losses...lol. They sleep thru every game on Sundays....lol.
I imagine your very busy winterizing...ensuring all is snug for the months to come.
I love the pic on your site " let me in I need to poop"....how true...lol. Molly and Mimi enjoy watching the animal
And other times youtube with clips of other Frenchies.
Take care and be well. I trust the new renovations are finished before the harsh weather rears its head.

Hi Ed,
I wanted to send a recent picture of Luci (Ellie).  We had her spayed
and she did quite well and is now recovered weighing over 10
pounds!   She’s a smart little gal and is such a joy!  Thanks,
Jun 28, 2019

What a wonderful and precious dog Sonny is. He always
makes us smile. I don't know that I have seen a dog with such
perfect confirmation. He seems to realize this. He is truly our
little prince. Everyone who sees him says he looks so regal.
What a beauty he is!

So very, very pleased with your little bullies!
Sold Sammy to Shawn & Rebecca
From, Stilwell, KS
Thank You for buying your second Frenchie from
us again. Ed
Thank you Meaghan and Andrew for buying two of our puppies.
Wow there not puppies
anymore! it's hard to
believe they're all grown
up now.
They love there pools the water they look alike don't they! They are good
Dogs I'm glad I got both of them they fallow each other every were.
Update on Allie-mae
My kids like to push her around the house in the
doll stroller lol.
Here Bella
Dottie Big Day is Here!
Dottie new family came today and
took her to her forever home.
She will be well-love
Thank you Chris & Janet