Here is some pictures of puppies we sold to our Customers
Puppy Name: Male #3
Microchips #956000005112509
Sold to Amber
From, Paola Kansas
Thank You
Puppy Name: Male #4
Microchips #956000004662182
Sold to Alanna
From, Kansas
Thank You
Puppy Name: Male #1
Microchips # 956000004685908
Sold to Cody & Shelby
From, Valley Falls, KS
Thank You
Puppy Name: Male #2 ( Bear )
Microchips # 956000004698145
Sold to Jayson & Brittani
From, Emporia, KS
Thank You
Puppy Name: Female #1
Microchips #956000005114297
Sold to Kelly & Family
From, Cummings, KS
Thank You
Puppy Name: Female #3
Microchips #956000005027014
Sold to Kevin & Family
From, Basehor, Kansas
Thank You
Thank You Matt for buying Scooter/Rusty and feeding my chickens with your son.

I hope you are well.  I wanted to check in on picking up Rusty.  Will you be around on Sunday to pick him up?  I was thinking between 11 and 12 if that works
for you.
I just wanted to let you know we are so thrilled with our puppy we picked up last month!  He is a wonderful dog. He is completely potty trained and very
quickly learning his commands. He has mastered sit, down and his favorite, shake hands. Here is a picture of him. His ears are standing up continually
and he is truly a very happy puppy!

Thank you again!
Tony and Alanna
This dog absolutely loves water.
Whether it's a bathtub a shower or his
new outside pool. Last time we talked
was about breeding him. Do you know
anybody that would be interested?
Dear Ed,
I attached a short video of Remy on vacation in the North Carolina Smoky and Blue Ridge mountains for his birthday. He turned 2 this past Monday.  
Remy loves the woods, streams and cool weather.  
He is a very good guard dog but very docile in crowded areas.  I never have to worry he will bite, growl at or jump on strangers.  Small children can
walk up to him and pet him.  Other people are holding their dogs back, afraid they will attack.
I put it off as long as possible hoping to breed him, but he was neutered in January.  In December when we were up here, he crossed the creek,
killed a chicken, brought it back to the cabin, and ate it raw in front of us.  He was also playing much too rough at the dog park. So unfortunately he
had to get neutered.  He really hasn't noticed.  He is very much in love with a 9 month old spayed shepherd we met at the dog park. They wrestle
and chase each other like teenagers.  He only has eyes for her.
Hi Ed  

Here is a birthday picture of beast from last month.
Grotzinger, Ashley
Puppy Name: Harley
Breed: French Bulldog
Gender: Male
Color: Black and Tan

Registration: AKC
Sold To Anna
From, Topeka, Kansas
Thank You Thank you for buying another
Frenchie from us we are looking forward
to see some updated pictures on Harley
as he gets older.
Puppy Name: Zoey
Breed: French Bulldog
Gender: Female
Color: Fawn with Black Mask

Registration: AKC
Thank You Kyrstan for
buying Zoey and giving her
a very home.  Zoey is so cute
and has a nice personalty.
Buster Video #1
Buster Video #2
Puppy Name: Buster
Breed: French Bulldog
Gender: Male
Color: Sable

Registration: AKC
Sold To James & Jeannine & Family
From, Wichita, Kansas
Thank You
Puppy Name : Angus
Breed: French Bulldog
Gender: Male
Color: Black

Registration: AKC

Sold to Jared
From, Kansas City, MO
Thank You
Big Thank You to Rodney from Yoder Kansas
owner of the lumber Yard
for buying Hannah for you wife for her
Birthday Present.
Thanks, Ed Gauger
Hi Ed & Hellen!

I just thought I give you some updated pics of Zoe. She's growing like a weed,
chewing on everything and loving life. Thank you so much for making it possible to
have such an adorable loving dog that just so happened to be my dream dog. She's
still has not mastered potty training, she goes outside, but then comes inside and
does it again. I was wondering if you had any tip for pity training her, I have a crate
the she stays in part of the time. I feel guilty leaving her in there so I probably let her
out way more then I should. But while she is in her rate that seems to be the only time
she doesn't potty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I attached some photos
of her below. Look forward to hearing from you. :)

Kyrstan Perry

Jacob New Mom Heather
From, Omaha, NE
Thank You
Jacob with his new family.
Thank You Jan for buying Einstein and giving him a very good Home.
spent the bulk of his time in my lap, in my bed, or in the room with me.
He is doing well with the dogs in here, not a bit shy, yet not aggressive or annoying to them. He is very easy going.

I enjoyed our chat, and hope i can call you about things that come up, or just to chat about the dogs (and the colors, which i may never figure

I will keep in touch, send pictures later.

Jan Wilcutt
Thank You Amy for buying Emma/Betty
Hello!! Going well!! He's so sweet. Doing great and very well loved!!
I'll attach some pictures and most definitely keep in touch with the other family.
The girls just love him. This was at soccer today.  Thanks again! We love him! Keep in touch.
Hello! I got an invite for your LinkedIn account, but I don't have one, and it made me
remember I hadn't update you on our puppy. Back in May I purchase a female, Abby, from
you, we have renamed her Anya and she is a DIVA! Such a personality on her but we
adore her. I just thought I would take a second to tell you she is doing great and we love
having her. She gets along so well with all 3 of our boys. She is very rotten and spoiled,
she acts like a baby not a dog haha but I wouldn't have her any other way :)
Thanks for the wonderful addition to our family.
Hope you and your family are well.
Raia James  

We got Canyon from you guys on December 20th of 2015. She has been the biggest blessing in our lives ever since! I attached some pictures of her from the website
picture all the way up until today! She is just shy of being a big 1 year old! Thanks for giving us a family member, guardian, and over-sized teddy bear!

-Olivia and Cody of Drexel, Missouri
HAPPY Birthday

He was a year old in June still 90 to nothing non-stop he loves playing with
his family. He was known as Bo but his new name is Major.
Thanks again
Puppy Name: Buckwheat
Breed: French Bulldog
Gender: Male
Wanted to let you know he's
made himself at home.
Sold to Lori and Mike
From, Lansing, KS
Thank You
Puppy Name: Susie Q
Sold to Roselma
From, Saint Joseph, MO
Thank You
Merry Christmas
From, Ed & Helen Gauger
Puppy Name: Calpania
Sold to Melanie
Thank You
Merry Christmas
From, Dr. Shawn McCoole
Dr. Christine McCoole
Puppy name Ace & Chloe
Sold to Janis
From, Kansas
Thank you for buying
two of our Puppies
Merry Christmas
On Friday, December 16, 2016 7:36 PM, mikeschmoldt59 wrote:

Here are a couple of pictures of us with buckwheat aka baby butt lol