From The Army.
He was seeing her off on her 1st day of
School ( 2nd Grade)
They are getting so big, Thanks again Ed
for Hanky!!
A note from Gauger's Little Bullies,
Thank you for the Christmas cards
Ed & Helen Gauger
seeing alot of these puppies on hallmark cards.
Thanks Jill for the pictures we love them!
Here is Hayden We Renamed him Varlomov (Varly) for our avalanche hockey goalie:)
love her and are so glad that shes a part of our family now.

Thank You
Wanted to give you guys an update on banksy. He's doing well and he has his own Instagram page
now. We love him to death and he loves alaska as much as we do. Here's a couple pics and a link
to his Instagram page.
He's getting big! He's a pain in the ass but we love him! Thanks again
Trixie New Owner is Stephanie from Leawood Kansa.
She just love Trixe.
Hello Ed
Here’s my Frenchie from Your Red Boy Gauger I just love her
so much Her Name is Little Red Riley  she 3 now  Quinn is her
big brother

Thank You
From, Wichita Kansas
Thank You

Kurt P. Kerns has won over 80% of his murder trials. He is an A rated “Superlawyer” and the
founding partner of Ariagno, Kerns, Mank & White, L.L.C. He has developed the respect of
his peers with his frequent victories in complex, high-profile cases. He has completed
additional training at the National Criminal Defense College as well as Gerry Spence’s Trial
Lawyer’s College, where he is currently on staff.

Mr. Kerns has avoided convictions in 10 consecutive federal jury trials. In 10 murder trials,
he has had seven outright acquittals, two hung juries, and one lesser manslaughter
conviction. He has served on the Board of Governors for the Kansas Association of Criminal
Defense Lawyers and is a Life Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense
Lawyers. He practices before the International War Crime Tribunal at The Hague,
Netherlands, where he recently defended Commander Vinko Martinovic. Mr. Kerns is one of
only 26 American lawyers authorized to appear before the International Criminal Court.
Hi Ed,
Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Blue Star (Misty).  She's settled in nicely and is asleep on my lap.
Thanks again,


Lucy, Stephen and boys
Chris and Michelle from Montrose, MO
Thank you
SOLD To Kathleen
From, Platte City, MO
Thank You

Buster Mom came and picked him up today.
Very happy day for both of them.
SOLD To Nicole
From, Addison, IL
Thank You
It's our latest addition . . . Gabby. Don't forget to take a look at her heart-shaped spot. Thanks to Gaugers Little Bullies for sharing her with us.

Kathe Duvall Davis
Sold To, Charlie and Jennifer
From, Kansas City, MO
Thank You
Mollie at 16 weeks old
She is 11.4lbs
We love this little girl.
Thanks again
Hi Ed,

Just wanted to send a few photos and let you know that Miley (we renamed her Josie) is doing well and that she's made
herself at home with us. :) We love her and she's best pals with our guy Hank.

Hope you are well!

Cooper is doing great. We love his chill and laid back personality.
The other two frenchies welcomed him as expected.

Thanks for such a great dog!
Kyle and kerry

House training has progressed very well so far.

He is one sweet boy.

Thanks again,

Kyle and kerry
Here is Alex new family! Karri
From, Arma, Ks
Thank you
First picture is Hanky with his "momma", 2nd picture is Hanky in the
car going to the Vet to say he is healthy and 24.8lbs, 3rd  picture is
Rylee and Hanky, aka BFFs, sleeping last weekend. Just wanted to
update you on this absolutely beautiful loving puppy!!!!!!!!!!!
Gracie with her new mama!
Thanks Alyssa for giving Gracie
a very good home

My mistake....puppies are for pets only reread the contract. I am not really interested I want her to the dog that has 1000% of my attention and I am from far a pet
breeder, only a huge pet lover. I have not owned a "Frenchie" before, LABSx3,doxie x1(most stubborn dog alive but my love) and an Akita ( most misunderstood
breed) and never bred any of these. I have been very blessed all of my dogs have either lived to be 17 or 18. I had to put my Akita down last spring and was finally
ready when I found this site. I had an hour consult with my vet this week to discuss "snickerdoodle" ( my grandmother was the center of my universe growing up, and
we made snickerdoodles together always. I actually thought it was her private recipe until I was 21...LOL hence another universe center is I willl love her
business owner, she will be in my office daily. My last child of six just went into military. I am married to Prince Charming after 16 yrs still feel the same! I will be the
"crazy Frenchie Lady" and love it. Thank you forgiving her an INCREDIBLE start in our journey I am truely grateful.

Nancy Lewis

I cannot express in words how INCREDIBLE my puppy is! She was bright and wide eyed when she arrived, everyone was admiring her. We then had to drive
home about four hours or so. She has diarrhea, and barked everytime she needed to go... I was impressed!  Her eyes are really runny but I am thinking it might
have been the shredded paper? She sees the vet in the morning. What a change in her world but she is so wonderful! Thank you so much! If we decided we
wanted another one or a friend wants one can we just go direct now? I will keep you up on her development

Again from the bottom of my heart thank you send Daisy (aka snickerdoodle John says it is too long :) We own a commercial contracting company ans she will
be working with not want to leave her alone. I had to put my beloved dog last Spring so the time is right. ready to give love again.

Nancy and John Lewis
Hi there Ed!

OMG we love Daisy beyond words… you have changed our lives with all that you do as a competent breeder. Other than her nasal snares she is so beautiful.
People gather where ever go and cannot believe how beautiful she is.

I don’t have the papers that show her akc heritage and registration? Can you get that to us? I am having her spayed next Friday. But would like to have it?

As you know her birthday November 14 2011, today she weighed a robust 14.8 lbs at 16 weeks in your experience what would you estimate she will weigh at maturity
and what is considered maturity in the Frenchies? I always say to people when I die I want to come back as daisy….she has massage with her grooming, and always
has her nails painted pink with her blond coat she is a knock out. She goes to the office with us daily and everywhere I go she is attached. We are still working on the
potty training…she is so smart , she can sit, come, and working on lay down. I have been clicker training her she loves this and will come from the other side of the
yard if I click just once. We crate her at night and she is bouncing ready to go in the morning.

My I-phone is not cooperating with my email currently so pictures to follow from today thanks again!

John and Nancy Lewis
3. Bring on the dinner... I wait on this padded mat because the tile is cold.
4. "dont you know im napping"
5. Every girl needs a pedicure!

Again thank you for the absolute love of my life!

Will her parents be bred again? If yes , how soon?


John and Nancy Lewis

So Bango will be well Love
Thank you Joshua and Suzanne
for adopting Bango.
follow soon! Thanks again for
everything ed, you're really a
sweet man. If were ever in
Kansas we'll make sure to pop
in and say hello. :)


Hi Ed,
Trixie arrived in great shape. She's a really pretty girl. Very sweet & loving.
She does do a lot of reverse sneezing & gasping. Has she had any
breathing or palate problems that you've noticed? I'm hoping that it's just
because she's excited & nervous. She does have a great build. I love how
muscular & compact she is. I will make an appt. for the vet tomorrow or
Friday & let you know how it goes. Did she get any flea & tick or heartworm
medicine before she left you? Thanks   
more importantly.... Nap time :) He loves
meeting other neighborhood dogs
meeting other neighborhood dogs
including our 4 frenchie neighbors. He is
much!!! Hope all of you and Bella are

Suzy and Josh
Hi Ed,
It's so hot & humid here too. The dogs need to be in for most of the day, but they don't seem to mind. Their house is cooler than mine! Trixie is camped out in the kitchen,
& she loves getting spoiled, & being the queen bee.
She is doing great! What a sweetheart. She's so petite, but has the biggest personality. We bred her with a beautiful cream male. She had 2 healthy baby girls on June 5.
They are so cute & sweet, & Trixie is a great mom. She is just starting to play & wrestle with them & it's fun to watch.
Have a great week
I purchased Kayo in November 2011.  He was so tiny when we got him off the Pet-Ex van!  We
changed his name to Angus because he is a "little black bull."  He quickly became a part of
our family, and his favorite toy is my cat Tucker.  They are best friends.  He is also great
friends with my 2 1/2 year old grandson.  Always owning English Bulls in the past, this
Frenchie has surprised us with so much energy, but he is able to sit in our laps, unlike our
often wonder if he won't soon be rust with black stripes!  We love him so much.  
Thank you for such a wonderful pup.

Sam and Catherine
Smiling, thanks Ed.  She has made tons of progress in just one day!!
She is a LOVE!  Bella adores her, and has made her a "Princess" kennel
downstairs in her room, its about a 8x6 area and has sa doggie door,
so, when bella is down in her room, she gets angel situated in her
little kennel (which has a princess dog bed, and TONS of toys) Bella
also put her little reading chair in there, so she gets in with Angel
and reads to her, and talks to her, and loves to get up on that doggie
bed with her, they are too precious together.  THen, when Bella is
done playing in her room, she brings Angel where ever she is going!!
They are INSEPARABLE!  Once Angel realized that the bigger dogs
wouldn't hurt her, and really, since they live with a pug and a
chihuaha, they weren't too interested either!
I got her some canned food, and mixed it with her dry and she went to
town!  She really seems to enjoy sleeping on the bed and just trots
along with the pug and chihuaha for potty time, and play time and of
course nap time!!  Thank you so much, she is a doll.  The biggest
impact has been on Bella who just is head over heels with her, she
told me last night, "I finally have my own dog, and she knows it too

I think we are going to not purchase a male.  I was supposed to go to
OK today to look at a boy, but I'm thinking that maybe, since Angel is
bella's, that I will let things settle here.  I would like to bring
her up to you to get her bred when she starts cycling.  I"ll go
through and look at your boys, and see which I would like to cross her
on.  Would that be ok with you?  I just think getting a boy right now
will make things a lilttle too chaotic.  I think we will maybe have
just one more litter with Angel and probably get her fixed and she's
going to be Bella's Princess Dog.

We love her and thank you again,

from Lees Summit, MO for buying Sparky / Louie
maybe you mite buy giggles to and Louie will have a play mate (:
Update on Gracie 01/09/2015
Wanted to let you know we love GREYC and
looking for another female be hard to beat her
she's awesome! !!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!
Just wanted to thank you guys for 2 great dogs-they make us laugh
everyday. Cooper is now 22 mos. and 27 lbs.-very muscular. Tucker is
much smaller at 19 lbs. and is now 10 mos. old. They are inseparable!
Hi Ed!
Mia and Dexter are both doing great! They are absolutely best
friends and love each other's company! Dexter will be 5 months
on September 10th and he already weighs about 20 lbs and is all
lean muscle! He's going to be a big boy for sure! He is such a
smart pup and takes to training very well compared to other
frenchies I've had in the past.. And he is such a sweetheart! He
loves to snuggle and give kisses. Thank you guys so much for
such wonderful dogs they bring so much joy in our lives and
there is no other place we will ever go to get our pups!

Macy Perez
Mike DiPreta
Extreme Auto Body
Stamford CT
Here is Dakota! You can go to Tamis face book
page and see more beautiful pictures of Dakota.
You can tell tami really loves her.
New owner's  of ( K9 ) call name Canine
Here's a recent pic of Sarge. About 15mns. Old. About 90lbs
loves to play fetch and scary smart!
New owner's  of ( Buddy ) call name Sarge
Thank you John Swift for coming up from
Vinita Oklahoma and buying
( Precious new name
looking forward to hear from you. Ed
John Swift  
Just wanted to let you all know that Heidi is doing great.
She is so smart. I have been training her for search and
rescue, and she is doing well.  At 8 weeks she was sitting
and staying easily, and she does much more. She is very
loved. We are so proud of her. Thank you so much.
pictures of Heidi (precious). She is doing great.
I will send more as she grows.
Thank you. John Swift

WOW look at Heidi at 2 1/2 years old so cute !
You are looking at the smartest German Shepherd in the world and her name
is Hedi she graduated top of her class most of the credit goes to john and
Hedi but I can claim a little bit of the credit because I was the breeder of this
beautiful girl.  We are so proud of her hearing all the wonderful things she is
doing alot of her brothers and sisters ending up being police dogs and
military dogs we thank god everyday for our dog king for making his puppies
so smart and easy to train to watch the family home to keep the bad guys out.
Hedi keep the good work up we love it when John tells us about another good
thing you have done to make this place better.

John Swift
We like to thank Scott and Tonya
for buying they fourth puppy from us.

Here are a few pictures of Heidi. She is doing great and full of energy. She gets along with
our other shepherd very well .Abigail seem to have adopted her Heidi all of which we got
from you. They are the best we could ask for.

Scott& Tonya Mercer
Faith new Moma is Annie
From, Lake Tapawingo MO
Thank You
Hello Ed,
Hope all is well with you. Here's a current picture of Gabi. She was pampered today!  
Love her so much.

From Jeanine Bush Sat Mar 14 01:39:30 2015
Dear Ed & Helen ,, just wanted to touch base w/ you both... Brock is doing Awesome in
Our Home ... He's only had 2 accidents since being home . I just wanted to let you both
know that Brock & I've bonded ever since he came off the plane .  He is very muched Love.
. As far as Milah. She is alittle scared of Brock Yet, she is sharing her toys w/ Him. It will
take awhile but I did expect that. .. May God Bless You Both & Once again Thank You
Again for our Bundle of Joy. Michelle & Michael
What you think.
Hello Ed,
so does Emma.. Thank you again.. I'll send you an update in a couple of weeks..
J. Paredes
this.. Haha.. We love having them...
Thanks against Ed..
Here is Chico and Elvis
Elvis in his new home he likes new big brother
Chico. Chico is teaching Elvis what to do and
what not to do and Elvis loves his new mom and
dad very much you can tell by looking at his face
he is very happy.
her "Jersea Rue". I wanted to let you know she is doing great. Jersea is very smart, funny, loving, & sweet personality. She is the
you for my Jersea Rue.
About Gigi--- I want her!!
I was looking at your website. I noticed one of Jersea's litter mates has been relisted.  She is an english bulldog puppy originally
named Abby. Sold to someone named Anna I think. Anyway why is she back? Does she have behavior or health issues? Do you
have her or is she with the other owner? ... Depending on the circumstances I am interested in her. However right now I don't
have $1800. Is the price negotiable? Is there payment plan available? (It might take a few months) What are some options, if
any?  (I would not be breeding her or Jersea. Both will be spayed if that makes a difference) ...I adore this little girl & want to bring
her home, if possible.
I'm attaching pictures of Jersea so you can see how well she is doing. In one of the pictures I'm sending you can see how she
loves to sit & lay on the cold vent. :)
Hope to hear from you soon.
P.S. .. Our vets comments about Jersea is she was a good looking pup & that she looked very expensive. In my opinion that's a
compliment to you all for her quality breeding. :)

Thank you again for my Jersea Rue.
Update on  Elvis
He is getting bigger
Here is Dexster
Glenda new English Bulldog puppy
Here is Dooley new
Donna Butler
Here is Disney new
Here is Brutus new
Randy From Ray Town, MO
Molly new mom Jean
From Selma, CA
Molly new family
Here is Denver new family
Amber and Victor
From Kansas
enclosed a picture of me since we
haven't met in person. Thought you
guys might like to know how the new
Just took this one of her, think
she's happy
That's my third bully at 6
and another one, had to restart my
PC, being painfully slow lately
Here is Dooley
Here is some Update
Pictures on
Tony & Anne
From, Kansas

Kimberly pick up her little girl today and it was a very happy day for all of us.
Kapree loves her new family
settled down for the night. Tomorrow we will reintroduce the rest of the pack to
Kapree. ... I will keep you posted with progress. I am staying positive. Thank you for
everything you have done for Kapree, keeping her safe, caring for her, loving her, &
working with her. I'm really sorry for how things went before however I think having
Kapree spend time with Disney has made a difference. Thank you for working with
me & trusting me. I'm so happy my baby Kapree is home. .. Thank you for my Jersea
Kapree. ... I will keep you posted with progress. I am staying positive. Thank you for
Kapree. ... I will keep you posted with progress. I am staying positive. Thank you for
working with her. I'm really sorry for how things went before however I think having
Rue & my Kapree Lux. .. I'm in love... :)  Will be in touch. Kimberly.
Rue & my Kapree Lux. .. I'm in love... :)  Will be in touch. Kimberly.

P.S. I've attached a picture of baby Kapree from her car ride home. She didn't want
to miss anything but was tired. She fell asleep sitting up. :)
Allison and Eddie From Dearborn, MO
it took awhile for abby to find her mom and dad but today she found her new mom and dad you
can tell abby really loved them and they love her to abby gived her mom so many kisses it
made us so happy that she found her forever home just in time for christmas
Here is a picture of Abby when she was a baby

Thanks so much for the pictures of Marley as a puppy  
I included a picture of Ohera (now Casey) which I took yesterday.
Doro Bergeron
Buckwheat new Daddy Ryan
we got home safe and sound buckwheat layed out and stayed in
the kennel for awhile i could tell he was sad to leave. he came out
my toes :) i cant tell you how thankful i am, he is awesome. my
mom already wants to put a santa hat and a fake moustache on
him and take some pics... so i'll have some interestig photos to
share soon haha
the two are like peas in a pod. I am out of the army now, and the family has moved to Illinois.
Brittny and I have had a baby in September 2012, him and Dosha are the best of friends. We
renamed Dottie, her name is now Dosha! She has gotten so big, shes about 58 lbs and She
We renamed Dottie, her name is now Dosha! She has gotten so big, shes about 58 lbs and
We renamed Dottie, her name is now Dosha! She has gotten so big, shes about 58 lbs and
the two are like peas in a pod. I am out of the army now, and the family has moved to Illinois.
Brittny and I have had a baby in September 2012, him and Dosha are the best of friends. We
renamed Dottie, her name is now Dosha! She has gotten so big, shes about 58 lbs and She
loves to play tug of war, wrestle with her sister and sleep right in the middle of our bed :) all
wrinkles! We love her like are own daughter, she has an adopted sister named Dixie and
Thank you for our special little girl! We plan on buying a little boy bully sometime in the
future. Even though we no longer live in the state, we had a such a wonderful experience

The Burbanos
Here is Annabella New Family
Hi Ed,
and he has been doing well. He is very energetic and jumps &
runs all over the place lol Everywhere I take him I have to take
an an extra 20 mins because everyone wants to stop and pet I
changed Hunter's name to Sebastian when he arrived last year
him. Just recently I bought him a playmate, a female frenchie
named Roxy and the two are inseparable. I was thinking of
breeding them but have decided againts it because of the time &
work involved and because I lack the experience in breeding
frenchies, I wouldn't want to take a chance in something
happening to my female. I've included some pictures of
Sebastian, take care and god bless.

Adrian Rosario
Hey Ed, Lenny and I are doing well. My girlfriend
loves him and probably more than I. I'm glad to
see Bella and the family are doing well. Have a
Merry Christmas and happy new year.
Angel Espinal
HI Ed,
Those are Katie's pictures in her new home. I love her so much and she is adorable.
Thank you for everything!!

Connersville,Indiana. Tiny was to little
to fly so we found a good friend of ours
was willing to take tiny to Richards
home and hand deliver him it will be
over a 9 hour hand deliver him it will be
over a 9 hour hand deliver him it will be
We sold Tiny to Richard  from over a 9
hour drive one way  but Richard will
really drive one way  but We sold Tiny
to Richard  from Richard will really
appreciate that because this has been
a bad year for him but having Tiny his
luck will change anyone who ever
owned a French bull dog knows they
can cheer you up when you are down
we are looking forward to hear all the
wonderful story that Richard will tell us
as Tiny grows up.
Hope every thing work out with Bee and Hope you get allot of with
other dogs.Send us some pictures of the puppies when she has
Thank you
Here is some pictures of puppies we sold to our Customers
He loves playing outside every day with my son. They chase each other around the back yard
Little miss Willow was asked to pose for a photo shoot. Seriously people
stop us constantly especially kids, if We had a dollar for everytime someone
said what a beautiful dog...We may buy another! Wonderful temperament
too, she adores attention from everyone.
She is a joy

Lucy, Stephen and boys
Wanted to send you an update on our puppy, "Milo", we renamed him
Scout! He's going on 30lbs and his house trained & crate trained and we
already know a few tricks. He loves to go on walks, and play with other
dogs his size! He has an amazingly calm temperament, and we love
farm life.
Annah Milton  
Here is an updated pic of him..

Ashley Grotzinger  
Here is Milo He is all grown up now!
Name Bandit
New Name Duke
Sold To Tripp
From: Silverthorne, CO
Big Thank You to Julie and Donald for buying two of our French Bulldog Puppies
Puppy Name: Snooki
Sold to Katherine
From, Leavenworth, KS
Thank You
Puppy Name: Hanna
Sold to Ryane
Thank You
Puppy Name: Binkie
Sold To Teresa & Kelby
From: Grandview, MO
Thank You
Puppy Name: Mason
Sold To Lori
From: Shawnee, KS
Thank You
Puppy Name Milhouse
Sold to Kurt and Susan
From, Quincy, IL
Thank You
Here is Ginger new Mom Karen
From, Wichita, KS
Thank You
Ginger got a new name it is Lilly
and she is home now with her
Mom and Dad and Lilly love them.
Rocky Blue
Suzie here is your new little Boy. He will bring you so much joy to you.
Your husband and two daughters love you so much and your little fellow will to.
Thank You
Here is Macy New Mom and Dad
Thank You Richard and Ruth
A Big Thank You to Merrie and Jessica for buying two of our puppies.
Here is Chiefs new mom  and dad.
Thank You

Here is Sam
with his new Mom
Just wanted to share some of the latest pictures I have. I am with him everyday all day long
but the people that are not say he's really getting big. He is mastering the stairs going up.
We haven't worked on going down yet.

suebee13 <>   
A Big Thank You To Ashley for buying two of our puppies.
Hi Ed & Helen , I just wanted You both know
that Brock is doing great. ...He weighs already
51 pounds  & only 5 mo old.

Hey Ed,

We picked up Blackie who we renamed Boogie on December 4. He is now almost 5 months old and living in Georgia. He's doing
wonderful and his teeth have all about come in. He is a very loving and sweet dog. We're still working on potty training but for the
most part he asks to go outside. The top two photos are when he was 8 weeks and the bottom two he is almost 5 months. Thank

Jenna and Cody Dray
Thank you! My boyfriend, Travis, and I also bought a puppy from you about 6 months ago. We are wanting to get him a
buddy in the next year or sooner. Here are some pictures of him over the past few months! It was hard to choose the best
cause he is so darn cute! Thank you for giving us this perfect puppy :)
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth... he's getting so big!!
Bath Time
Dino at 8 Months Wow very nice.
Isabella "Izzy" is the luckiest pup, she goes to the beach, on walks, goes to work, goes camping and loves playing in the snow! She is the sweetest
and greatest addition to our family! Thank you Ed!
Kailey & Nick
Thank you  Janai for buying your second puppie from us and for serving our country we appricate it.
Here is Bristol New Name La Vie with her new owner
Thank you thank you we are so blessed!!!
We love him and you and your family
Hope Hermanson   
Here is Taj! Formerly known as Harley. He lives in RI with a happy family of two younger sisters Addison and Claire (3 and 2) and a mommy and
daddy. He is currently 4 years old!
Hi, Here is an up to date photo of Misty Renshaw formerly
know as Blue Star. We adopted her from you last July, she
was born last May. Thought you might be interest in seeing
how beautiful she has grown to be. We love her dearly and
she loves her family also.

The Renshaws
Sold to Jose
From, Kansas City
Thank You
Sold to Tracie & Tim
From, Lansing, KS
Thank You
Here is Buster new Mom!
Here is Louie New Dad, Aaron
Thank you for Adoption Louie.
Thank You Justin & Monica for Adoption Justin Yes he got your Name.
Update on Gracie in Florida
Thanks Alyssa for giving Gracie a very good home
Thank you Aiyssa and Charlie for the cars and Gift card.
Ed & Helen Gauger
Hey Ed,
This is Shawn Polowniak. We bought Humphrey (Mr.
Bogart) from you about a year ago. He is an amazing
guy. We love him so much. I have attached a picture
of him so you can see how he has grown up.
Hey Ed,

We wanted to send a one year update on Boogie! He is doing wonderful and is the star of the show everywhere we go! He is
now living in Louisiana and he loves it! Boogie is house trained, uses a doggie door, and is a very intelligent dog. He also
loves children and is wonderful with our son! Thank you all so much he is a huge part of our family and we couldn't imagine
life without him. We wish you all a happy holiday season!


Cody, Jenna, Cole, Grandma Coco, & Boogie Dray
Hi Ed and Helen
Molly and Mia had a sleep out with Wayne on the weekend. We try to
give them all kinds of experiences.
On our walk Saturday along the canal...we were stopped many times
with people interested in the girls. One lady came back to us 3 times. We
gave your name so we hope you get inquiries. We fould have sold 3
Frenchies. Everyone loves them.

Wayne & Susan
A big thank you to Brian McCallister and his daughter Jillian for buying two of our French Bulldog Puppies. or 816.931.2229
Brian McCallister
Founder, President

Brian McCallister is the founder and President of The McCallister Law Firm, P.C. Since opening the doors in 1996, Brian has
dedicated his professional life to the representation of individuals and families in cases involving catastrophic injury or death
resulting from semi tractor-trailer crashes, automobile crashes, dangerous products, slip/trip and fall incidents, medical malpractice
and police misconduct.

Growing up as a minister’s son and grandson, Brian saw countless examples of his family’s sacrifice for and service to others. His
extraordinary devotion to each client and his commitment to finding the clients’ stories and seeking justice for them and their
families carry his own family’s tradition of service forward.  It is Brian’s belief that the meaningful relationships he has with each and
every client is the foundation upon which his representation of them is built.  The people who best explain these relationships and
commitment to seeking the truth are Brian’s current and former clients, whose videos can be seen in the pages of this website.  
Take some time to see and hear those clients’ stories and what they say about Brian, his philosophy and his unrelenting pursuit of
the truth on behalf of his clients.

Brian’s mission to seek out those close relationships gives him the ability to advocate his clients’ causes powerfully, persuasively
and passionately.  Brian’s core beliefs are that through relationships, trust is built.  Through trust, the heart is learned.  And
through the heart, the truth is revealed.
if you are looking to find a very good Attorney
we highley recommend Brian McCallister he
will get the job done. Here is a link to his web
site where you can read all about him.
816-931-2229 or 866-658-2229
Lilo is going to be a lawyer!
Lilo and Dewey Nap time.
Here is Dewey
Lilo and Dewey nice Vet