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Hi Ed!! Hope you're doing great! Just wanted to give you a quick update on little Ralphie! He's doing GREAT! He had a
vet checkup yesterday and the vet said his skin is perfect, he's in perfect condition and very healthy! The vet said
she "wouldn't change one thing about him and he's put together very well". He's such a happy puppy everyone who
meets him loves him! He can "sit" and "shake", but we're still working on the potty training part haha. When we go to
the dog park he likes to play with the big large breed dogs and thinks he is their size. It's so funny how fearless he
is, and so sociable. He wants to play with everyone!
Attached are some recent pictures for you. I'm still referring everyone who asks about him to your website! He gets A
LOT of attention when I take him out so I've been recommending you often! I hope his litter mates are doing as well
as he is! And I hope you're doing great also!

Talk soon! Have a good weekend!

Brittney Schram
On Friday, December 16, 2016 7:36 PM, mikeschmoldt59
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Here are a couple of pictures of us with buckwheat aka baby butt lol
Welcome to
Gaugers Little Bullies
Here is some of our References
Feel free to call or text or email them.
Casper Gauger
Choline Gauger
Ask for Dr. Chris Hansen
He know us and our dogs
Big Thank You
To The Atchison Animal Clinic For taking real good care of our
beautiful Dog. They have a lot of experience and lots of new
equipment and they are getting ready to move into their brand
new building. Atchison Animal Clinic They have 5 Veterinary to
help you out. You can call them about our dogs and us for
reference and ask for Dr. Chris Hansen He know our dogs and
us very well.  Dr. Chris Hansen is the owner of the Atchison
Animal Clinic Phone: (913) 367-0427
908 Commercial Street
Atchison,KS 66002
She is typically very quiet and calm unless she wants
Lola (English) to play. Then she jumps around and
makes the cutest bark. Bella definitely has a mind of
her own. She likes to observe what's happening from
afar. Her weight has maintained at 15lbs.
I saw tiny on your website and want her so bad. She is
a doll!!!!! However two is our limit. :(
Thanks for all the information and for checking in!

J Hartkopf  jrhartkopf@yahoo.com
Thank You so much Ed for helping me geting
She what the doctor ordered. Now I am very Happy
and so is my husband.

Beverly Isaacs  
From, Beatrice,NE