Gaugers Little Bullies
Ed Gauger & Laura Gauger Helton
Easton, KS 66020
Cell# 1-913-370-0359
Cell# 1-913-370-0706
Gaugers Little Bullies Stud Service Contract

Terms and condition of this contract.
Upon stud service, the stud fee of $_____________ will be paid to the owner of the stud dog up front before
breeding. Plus a $75.00 breeding fees if done by us. This contract guarantees the actual mating or shipped
specimen of listed dogs only and not of a pregnancy or puppies. No fee will be refunded should bitch Dog fail
to whelp. ONE puppy whelped live constitute a litter. Bitch Dog owner agrees to abide by all AKC rules..We
only breed our studs to healthy bitches who have had a least one prior heat cycle and exhibit quality in
conformation. If the bitch Dog does not conceive, a repeat breeding is one time within the next calendar year
at no charge other than $75.00 for breeding supply and the bitch Dog owner must have the vet send a letter
by e-mail or mail letting us know that the bitch dog did not get pregnant. The repeat breeding is not
transferable to another bitch Dog. If the stud of choice is unavailable a substitute will be used and the stud
owner choice. Bitch Dog owner is responsible for all veterinary charges related to the breeding, care of the
pregnant female, c-section and care of the puppies. A litter is considered (1) or more puppies.*** Please call
or email if you have any questions concerning stud service. By signing below owner of the bitch Dog agree
that they have read and understand the stud service contract.

Male Name or AKC #_______________________________________
Bitch Dog Name or AKC #___________________________________
Bitch Dog owners signature:_________________________________
Telephone number_________________________________________
E-mail Address____________________________________________
Stud owners signature:______________________________________

Thank you for your business with Gaugers Little Bullies
Gaugers Little Bullies reserves the right to refuse stud service to any bitch without reason or explanation.